Hunt Jennings OAR kayak instructor paddling on the Ocoee River.Who: Kids interested in kayaking and other outdoor adventures – Ages 12 – 18
Where: At OAR’s Ocoee River Outpost.
When: 2 Sessions – June 13-17, June 27-July 1
Cost: $450.00/Session
Campers are supervised at all times.
What’s included: All equipment, meals, bunkhouse lodging, transportation while at camp.

Kayak Camp:

Intensive focus on learning to kayak. Includes:
– Instruction in river safety, swiftwater rescue and decision making.
– Kayak Instruction: Flat water training, roll practice, river running and play boating
– Other activities: whitewater rafting, rock climbing, hiking and campfire cooking


Outdoor Adventure Rafting
For more information:
Call Us 1-800-627-7636

Or Visit: Attain Kayak School

Ocoee Kayak Camp Itinerary

– 10:00 – 12:00 Check In and orientation
– 12:00 – Lunch (parents invited)
– First kayak session (equipment and safety)
– Free time
– Dinner
– Evening program

Tuesday – Thursday
– Morning workout
– Breakfast
– Morning kayak session
– Lunch
– Afternoon kayak session or other adventure activities
– Free time
– Dinner
– Evening program, video review

– Morning workout
– Breakfast
– Morning kayak session
– Lunch
– Afternoon kayak session (optional)
– 6:00 PM – Goodbye Dinner (parents invited)
– Pack up and leave camp

Kayak sessions include: flat water workouts on Lake Ocoee, whitewater runs on Ocoee and other local rivers and creeks depending on water levels and skill levels, swiftwater safety and rescue instruction, foamy boater sessions and video reviews.


Instructors: Meet the Instructors

Philosophy: We believe in using the excitement of mastering adventure sports to promote a general understanding of how we  learn and to foster a growth mindset.

Kincaid, OAR kayak instructor gives thumbs up.

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