Ocoee Camping

If you were wanting more of a "roughing it" experience, don't worry, we've got that too! Located on our site is a 6 acre campground where you can park, set up site, build a fire, and hang out.. literally. Hammock campers have plenty of trees to choose from and the shade helps keep you cool on those hot summer days. If that's not cool enough, our property borders the Lower Ocoee and has two take outs allowing easy access into and out of the river for those looking to float or take a swim.

General Camping costs $5 per person/ per night. Camping alongside the river is by reservation only and is $8 per person/per night. Firewood is supplied for $5 per armload (or as much as you can hold!) Payments for camping can be collected at time of reservation or at time of arrival.