Ocoee Full River Trip

Having trouble deciding between rafting the Upper Ocoee River or the Middle Ocoee River? No worries! You can do both with OAR’s Full River Trip! Get the full Ocoee experience with this epic all-day adventure. Our highly trained guides will prep you and your crew about whitewater rafting technique and safety. We’ll make sure your gear fits, and then we’ll drive through the Ocoee Gorge all the way to the Upper Ocoee River. Start off your adventure with a bang, navigating five miles of class III and IV whitewater at the site of the 1996 Olympic Games. Catch your breath at our scenic lunch stop and enjoy chips, sandwiches, pasta salad, oatmeal cookies, and homemade southern ice tea and lemonade - all included with your full river trip. After lunch we’ll begin the second half of our journey on the Middle Ocoee River, the most classic stretch of whitewater in the South East. You and your crew will brave five more miles of class III and IV rapids before returning to the Outdoor Adventures Rafting Outpost. Book your trip today for the full Ocoee experience!

At a Glance

Class Class III & IV
Duration 5 1/2 - 6 hours
Price $88 per person
 Minimum Age 12