Class V Ocoee

Are you looking for the most intense, most challenging whitewater experience on the Ocoee River? Look no further! Ocoee Class V rafting with Outdoor Adventures is absolutely the most extreme rafting trip out there. This trip is not for first time rafters. To be eligible for an Ocoee Class V trip, you must qualify* during a regular OAR Ocoee Full River, Upper Ocoee, or Middle Ocoee rafting trip. During your regular rafting trip, your guide will include Ocoee Class V training. If you make the cut, you will receive an Ocoee Class V certification card. Want to take the most challenging lines, surf the biggest hydraulics, and brave the most daring stunts possible on the Ocoee River? Use your Ocoee Class V certification card to book your trip now!

*Ocoee Class V Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Must be able to swim
  • Ability to self-rescue
  • Surfing experience from previous OAR rafting trip
  • Proficient in whitewater safety and rafting techniques
  • Received an Ocoee Class V certification card from OAR guide






At a Glance

Class Class III - V
Duration 5 hours
Price $49 per person
 Minimum Age 16
Call 423-338-5746 to book the Class V Ocoee trip.

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