One of my favorite movies of all time is The Bucket List. More than likely you have seen or at least heard of it. It stars two of my favorite actors Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. If you recall these two men end up sharing the same hospital room while undergoing chemotherapy. They become friends and Jack is a wealth guy and creates a bucket list of things he is going to do before he dies.
This concept took off and there have been countless numbers of bucket list books and thousands upon thousands of articles written on the subject. People post all the time on Facebook that they have just scratched off another item on their list with pictures to prove it. I also have, in the back of my head somewhere, a list of things I would love to do or things I want to accomplish before it’s too late. When I was younger I never thought of such things but now, as I age, I have come to appreciate each day and realize that there is limited time on earth. Just this year, while running, I came to realize that I will never play in the English Premier League (one of the best soccer leagues in the world). Some things pass us by and they are no longer attainable. Some things we continue to strive for but in reality will never come to pass and then there are the items on the list that we can realize if we put effort into making them happen.
I took this concept one step further, and the beginning of each year I sit down with my wife and we write down what we want to try to do this coming year. We take it one year at a time. This seems much more manageable. We started this several years ago, and now see, that if you plan for something you can actually make it happen. For example, we wanted to learn to sail, so we started a savings account and slowly saved up the money and this year we have booked our sailing school.
So why the long tangent? Everyone needs to make, at least, a summer bucket list and on that list should be experiences that only summer will allow. Most of these items will be activities that do not take savings just time. Since summer is my favorite season of the year I look forward to getting outdoors and soaking up the great weather. One of the things we do every year is go whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River in Tennessee. It is a great day on the water and is always fun and enjoyable. So sit down and make that list, and at the very top put “whitewater rafting trip on the Ocoee River. See you on the water.